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Szafy Rack

Kontrolery RAID (76)
Procesory (352)

BIZSERVER FOR COMPANIES online shop was created to facilitate the work of small and large companies. We offer complete server systems from the most respected manufacturers in the world. Every business is different and needs something different. We care about the satisfaction of all our customers, in this context we listen to their voices, to be able to best select the optimum solution. We have a wide range of servers in the chassis Tower and Rack servers and storage with different performance. We offer the possibility of any configuration, choices of software and servicing by our professional services support from our qualified and reliable specialists.

Among the many models on the market, we chose only the best compact rack cabinet where you put a server and other specialized equipment. They occupy a small space, therefore, will fit perfectly even a small room. All models are available at extremely attractive prices. In total, fit in their equipment with a capacity 6U, 9U even 14U. It all depends on individual customer needs.

Rack Cabinet

Rack Cabinets are made of top quality materials exhibiting high resistance to mechanical damage, and more. They have a glass front door and removable steel rear and side doors with locks. Thanks to the technology it is possible to maximize airflow. The hanging cabinets can easily be mounted fans that will keep the temperature in the middle and prevent overheating valuable equipment.

The hanging rack cabinets can easily hide entire server hardware. Only here it will be completely safe. There is a place for Supermicro servers and accessories, switches, UPS equipment and other network devices. In ceiling and the floor of the cabinet are cable bushings and ground wire, which will improve cable management and their conducting. Rack Cabinets are also equipped with additional accessories such as mounting rails and side door locks.