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On the online store offers a wide range of workstations. Bizserver determines the reliability, safety of operation and failure-free operation. Prices in relation to the products offered are very attractive. In addition, in the store you can find proven solutions and configurations of servers, so that each client has the opportunity to create and prepare a server under their own individual needs.

Any computer that is used every day to direct work is workstation. In computer networks, workstation, specifies a computer that is connected to the network but is not used only for its maintenance. A workstation is a computer, which is characterized by much greater efficiency, particularly in cases of applications for computer graphics processing. In addition, if you care to massive computing power to consider such a solution.


Supermicro's workstations built by Bizsever is a combination of advanced processes visualization capabilities of a high-performance graphics computing power in a single computer. Popular are workstations Single CPU Intel E5 SC733TQ. Here we used a series of Intel Xeon processor E5 - 2600 V2, expanded RAM and up to 1TB. This solid machine that makes despite the low price, you can afford to buy efficient station. The server is the category of very quiet - Super Quiet, the volume of his work is 25 dB.The station is equipped with high-quality sound card RealTek ALC889 7.1 High Definition Audio with S / P / DIF header. The dimensions of this device are: 427mm high, 178mm wide and 531mm deep. The workstation weighs 18.2 kg.

Worth reading the parameters of the workstation CPU Intel Dual E5 SC743TQ. In this powerful hardware processor uses a series of Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2. To achieve the most efficient server memory expanded up to 1 TB of RAM! Quiet server has a high-quality sound card that is built. It is slightly larger than a single CPU Intel E5 SC733TQ.

Workstations can be used for advanced graphic design and rendering on a single computer without any loss of performance. Regardless of application needs workstations built by Bizserver are ready for productive work.