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Server Rack 4U

Kontrolery RAID (76)
Procesory (376)


Bizserver is an online shop offering a wide selection of rack servers and tower, and accessories - motherboards, processors, and network devices. Our products use the most innovative IT solutions, including server components, the global leader in technology, Supermicro company. Renowned manufacturers of equipment guarantees trouble-free and reliable in operation. Thinking about the individual needs of each client, Bizserver prepared more than fifty different configurations of servers, independently tested and refined by our staff.

Our offer is intended for small and medium-sized businesses. The companies which were is particularly keen to save space in the office, you will surely appreciate, located in our offer Bizserver, 4U rack servers. 4U Rack servers are installed in racks with standard dimensions - 19 inches wide and 7 inches tall. Their advantage is not only compact size, but also high efficiency, stability and easy operation


Of customers for whom it is important to large RAM capacity, be interested in SINGLES model INTEL CPU E3 SC842TQ 4U, allowing for expansion up to 32GB of RAM. With the ability to install up to 1TB of RAM, ideal for companies that need more computing power, it is the model INTEL DUAL CPU 4U SC842TQ E5. One of the most modern servers we offer, is the model INTEL DUAL CPU 4U E5 SC846BE16 using two Intel Xeon E5. SINGLE INTEL CPU model SC846 4U E5 is equipped with a redundant power supply that provides continuity of operation and zero the number of accidents.

Rack Servers 4U They are multi-tasking, check in hosting and as disk arrays, ensure data security and more efficient operation of your business. All models are characterized by low price, extremely attractive especially for the smallest businesses. Many years of experience, including the design and implementation of server solutions, prepared by our staff to help in the selection of servers ideally suited to the needs of each client.