Przy złożeniu zamówienia na sprzęt firmy Supermicro powyżej 15 tys zł netto, GRATIS dodajemy urządzenie Zbox-Bi324-E*

* Promocja obowiązuje do wyczerpania zapasów.
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Power Supplies

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In the Bizserver.eu online store you will find the best quality server systems for your business. Thanks to Rack, Tower, or Storage servers from our shop, all employees will be able to freely share files, databases, and efficiently communicate via e-mail. Effective server operation will also improve the functioning of your website, quickly move to the company's website and reloading in turn opened pages.

In our shop are of the highest quality servers with different parameters and any configuration. Everything at very attractive prices. Bizserver.eu is a team of young and energetic employees who continually testing new solutions, creating benefit for customers sets. They will help you select the optimum solution tailored to your individual needs and preferences. We also guarantee 24-month warrantyas well as the after sales service.

Supermicro Power Supplies

The powerful and secure server is the foundation, but also important is the selection of additional accessories. One of the most important is the power supply. Bizserver.eu recommended Supermicro power supplies. They are characterized by small size, making it easy to fit in the any room and will not occupy additional space. Among the several dozen available models certainly everyone will find the type suited to its requirements and server system that possesses.

Servers are working without a break - 24 hours / day. For this reason, it is necessary to provide them with a constant power source. Power Supplies allows to continuous operation for server by long time. They store electrical energy that is used during power outages or failure of various types of electrical installation. Emergency UPS servers are highly efficient and, above all, reliable. Power supplies have a variable power - will be suitable for small and large businesses. They are a professional protection for corporate servers, and other IT equipment type. Ordered power supplies will be delivered to the given address within 7 days.