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  • New servers with E5-2600V3 processor series in Bizserver shop !

    E5-2600V3 processor servers is another new servers that store has on offer. With the new series processors E5-2600V3 you can choose the perfect server that is both highly efficient and very good quality! Servers with these processors can cope with any company from the smallest to the largest businesses. Servers are based on the platform of the global distributor of servers and server components Supermicro.

  • Supermicro wins STAC tests!

    Supermicro has once again proven that their servers are standing at the highest level. This time, Supermicro servers have been appreciated by STAC rankings. SuperServer SYS-1028UX-CR-LL1 / -LL2 won in the category of STAC-N1. And in the category of STAC-A2 and turned out to be the best SuperServer SYS-1028GR-TR.

  • Bizserver - cheap servers with big possibilities

    In our offer you will find inexpensive and powerful servers that meet the expectations of small and medium-sized businesses. Our proposals are the ideal solution for use within the company. Servers Intel Single CPU Intel Atom SC502 and SC512 Single CPU E3 distinguished by the fact that the components are perfectly matched in relation price / quality.

  • New motherboards from Supermicro

    The growing demand for solutions in the field of web hosting makes the new components are getting cheaper, their computing power continues to grow. This is a good situation for small and medium-sized businesses. Therefore, our supplier of server components - Supermicro company, today unveiled its new motherboards. This is an absolute novelty on the market server equipment.

  • Bizserver extends its offer!

    In our online shop you can choose from more and broader proposals rack and tower servers for small and medium-sized businesses. In the new listings on our website, note the server tower 4-Way Intel CPU SC748.

  • New server for gamers in the shop

    We would like to introduce our new product SC732G Gaming Tower Workstation. This server is designed primarily for people who need a highly technologically advanced machine for mainly for computer games.

  • Choose a server for your business!

    We are expanding the list of available servers in our online store. Now you can buy in our server by selecting from over 50 configuration.

  • The new configuration in 1U server section

    We invite you to take advantage of the newly prepared version of the configurator section 1U servers !!!

  • Welcome !

    Welcome to the official on the new website Bizserver - with Us you make a good choice of server hardware for your business.

  • Workstations for small and medium-sized businesses.

    In order to meet your expectations, our company has introduced the new servers. From now on our website, you can configure the workstations that find their application in the studios of CAD or other areas where the need for high-performance graphics cards.