Przy złożeniu zamówienia na sprzęt firmy Supermicro powyżej 15 tys zł netto, GRATIS dodajemy urządzenie Zbox-Bi324-E*

* Promocja obowiązuje do wyczerpania zapasów.
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Shipment of Products

All shipments are realized by a courier or post office. The cost of delivery depends on the form of payment (cash, credit card, bank transfer) and the weight of the goods. At the time of delivery consists of the time of the contract (commodity completing parts, method of payment, issuing a sales document, packing parcels), and the delivery time depends on the chosen method of delivery.

After sending the order from the warehouse we will send you a notification email.

Service contract:


1. Courier is delivered from 9:00 am to 18:00 from Monday to Friday. Prior to delivery of the consignment courier contact with the customer by telephone to determine the exact date of delivery.
2. Courier delivery takes three attempts goods. The first attempt to take place the next day after sending the order from our warehouse
3. If the courier would not find the recipient and will have access to a mailbox, leave notification.
4. If you do not receive an item it will be returned to the store and we are in order to re-send the goods we will contact you

      Post offce:

1. The postman will take only one attempt to deliver the goods.. If recipient wouldn't be at home postman leave note about attempt delivery
2. Order will be picked up at the post office within 14 days.
3. In the case of non-delivery or failure to collect the order from the post office, it will be returned to the store and we are in order to re-send the goods we will contact you.